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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mindfulness Exercise: The Who, Where and What of Your Happiness

Start by considering:

·         The three people you feel happiest around. How much time do you spend with them – by phone, personal visits or emails/letters?

·         The three places where you feel the most joy. How often do you visit these places?

·         The three activities that most delight you. How do you integrate them into your daily life?

Becoming aware of the people, places and activities that bring us the most joy—and creating time for them--requires mindfulness. Much like your body responds to a physical exercise routine, your mind responds and becomes increasingly aware, peaceful and loving as you train it through meditation. And just like physical exercise, the more you meditate, the more you use these calming circuits in your mind, making it easier to experience happiness.

Take time to be mindful about the people you surround yourself with – make time for people you love. Visit places that make you feel joyful – the local flea market, your church or temple or a nearby forest preserve. Make time for the activities that energize and delight you. Read, if that’s what you love to do. Or listen to your favorite music . . . and of course meditate!

Consider, how can you make time for these people, places and activities on a regular basis?

“Action may not always bring happiness;

but there is no happiness without action”

-Benjamin Disraeli (British Prime Minister and Novelist 1804-1881)

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